Comics: New Doctor Who Art Revealed

49141Radio Times have revealed the artwork for the brand new Doctor Who comics due out in July from Titan Comics and they look amazing.

The art is by the very talented Alice X Zhang whose work has been known to me for sometime. The only downside to this for me is that Titan are only making 10th and 11th Doctor comics which means Alice’s fantastic 9th Doctor art wont get a cover of its own. However, there is set to be a series based on incoming Doctor Peter Capaldi’s incarnation.

Radio Times have also revealed that the 10th Doctors story in the comics will pick up after the departure of Donna Noble and pairs him with a new companion. Meanwhile the 11th Doctor comics will feature aliens, 70s musicians and a woman grieving for her son.

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the new 10th Doctor comics since I read about them a couple of months ago, so I’m excited for their release, even more so now with the beautiful cover.

I’ll be sure to have a full review when they hit the shelves.


Music Monday: Olly Murs

As a music geek, my goal with Music Monday is to showcase whatever I’m listening to at the moment or a flashback to something I love. Basically the goal is music! And hopefully someone else will discover something new to love.

Who: Olly Murs
What: Troublemaker from “Right Place Right Time”
Recommend: For all your sugary pop needs.

Until last year, I hadnt even heard of Olly Murs. I’m sure a million fangirls around the world are cursing me right now, but thats the way it is these days. I tend to avoid new artists that attract teenage girls. I was a teenage girl once and I remember the music that attracted me. Some of it wasnt great. Maybe times have changed. Or maybe not because there is something about Olly Murs’ music that reminds me of the 90s. Its that fun, easy listening brit-pop that you can just put on while you’re doing the housework or if you dont want anything to heavy to listen to. Murs himself seems like a charming, down to earth guy, which perhaps what reflects in his music. His third album “Right Place Right Time” has all the predictable pop numbers but its one that rotates regularly on my playlist.

TV Nostalgia: The Girl From Tomorrow

In my first TV Nostalgia post, I wanted to talk about a little TV show that came to mind a couple of weeks ago.

When I think back on my childhood about my favourite shows and who my idol was, the answer is usually pretty simple. X-Files and Dana Scully. Later followed by Farscape and Buffy in my early teens. But something occurred to me the other day, these three shows, well ingrained in sci-fi and paranormal themes were probably not the only reason I still love those genres today.

In fact, the catalyst that may have started me watching
those shows was a little known Australian kids show from the early 90s called The Girl From Tomorrow. I’m not sure what inspired this sudden moment of nostalgia but it encouraged me to track down the series for a bit of a marathon.TheGirlFromTomorrow

It was a series about a teenage girl Alana from the year 3000 who gets kidnapped and transported back to 1990. She befriends a girl named Jenny who helps her adapt to life in the 90s and get her time capsule back from the evil Silverthorn who intends to use it to conquer the future. Continue reading

Farscape: Do we need a new movie?

aeryn-crichtonRockne S. O’Bannon has given an update on the status of a Farscape movie at WonderCon this weekend, as reported by Comic Book Resources. This gives further weight to a comment made by script writer Justin Monjo, who in February said he was working on a script.

But do we need another Farscape movie?

Spoilers for the Farscape series ahead.

As a fan, I always waver with questions like this. When it was announced we were getting another X Files movie I was hesitant for so many reasons, which turned out to be justified. The series ended on a cliffhanger and needed to be finished, but what was delivered wasn’t what we were expecting. And it feels like we may never get our ending to such a fabulous series.

In the case of Farscape, the series – for me – had a satisfying ending. The warring factions signed a peace treaty and the series closed with a happily ever after ending for John Crichton, his wife Aeryn Sun and their baby D’Argo. Maybe not so satisfying for actor Ben Browder who has said Farscape isn’t over for him until Crichton is dead.

So is there more story to tell? Always. For as long as the characters are alive. There is and always has been a huge yearning for more Farscape among fans, but do we need it?  Continue reading

Review: The X Files Annual 2014

xfannualThe X Files Annual has been highly anticipated by fans across the globe as it sees the return of series writer/producer Frank Spotnitz with an untold story from Mulder and Scully’s first time in the FBI.

The Priest written by Frank Spotnitz, Gabe Rotter and Shannon Eric Denton.

“When a man returns from the dead with a warning for his wife, the agents investigate and cross paths with a very peculiar priest.”

I loved this story, it was simple, engaging and everything you would expect from classic X Files. The story captures the spirit of the early seasons and is perfectly creepy in that way that fans of the show will love. Mulder and Scully were written true to character, which is no surprise with Spotnitz being one of the best writers from the television series.  Continue reading

Review: The X Files Conspiracy


One of my biggest peeves about the new X-Files comics is how very dead characters in the TV series have been brought back to life on the pages. They are explained away with some moments that feel no more meaningful than “ha-ha just kidding, we’re not dead!”

Don’t get me wrong, I understand why these characters have been brought back and there is a part of me that is pleased about it. It’s just that the other part just screams at how it’s ruining the canon. I understand that The X-Files franchise is going to be more profitable with its popular secondary characters such as The Lone Gunmen alive and well to tell stories of their own. I guess rather than create stories set in the 90s/early 2000 when the characters were alive, someone thought it necessary to have them suddenly not dead and their stories set now. For the sake of what? Use of smartphones?

When I first heard about the new Lone Gunmen spin off comics Conspiracy, a crossover with IDW’s other titles (TNMT, Transformers, Ghostbusters and The Crow) I was dubious. I wondered how far they would venture into bad fan-fiction territory. Fortunately I was surprised, and unfortunately, I was also disappointed.  Continue reading

Review: Doctor Who – The Light at the End


I finally got around to listening to Big Finish Productions Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special a few days ago. When I finished, the first thing that came to mind was …this is exactly what the TV special needed to be.

The Light at The End brings together the first eight Doctors in an adventure through time and space with The Doctors ultimate foe The Master. The story is an homage to the past, just as it should be when celebrating 50 years.

The Doctors, Baker, Davison, Baker, McCoy and McGann are all together, each bringing their own unique personalities to their roles. This was my first time listening to an audio with the other Doctors, having only listened to some of the 8th Doctor adventures previously. They were all fantastic and exactly as I remembered them on screen. For a multi Doctor story that had the potential to favour more popular Doctors over others, they were all given equal story time and I felt the plot was well constructed in a way to bring them all together without feeling overly forced.

The Doctors are joined by their companions; Leela, Nyssa, Peri, Ace and Charley. They dont get a lot of time in the spotlight, but just like the Doctors, they bring their unique traits to the story. Doctors 1 to 3 make an appearnace, all impersonated believeably, but are not heavily involved in the story.

My favourite part was definitely the interaction between Tom Baker and Paul McGanns Doctors, I think they steal the show with their banter.

Overall its a fun adventure with little nods and references for long time fans but even new or casual Whovians will enjoy it.