Trials and tribulations of blogging.

To blog or not to blog? That’s been the question I’ve been debating for a while now. Ultimately, I decided to blog because here I am. As a veteran of LiveJournal who kind of let it slide a few years ago, it’s definitely something I miss. Will I have anything interesting to say anymore? Who knows but I’ll try my best.

So what’s this blog going to be about? What makes it different to every other blog out there? Who am I?

The simple answer to those three questions is: stuff, nothing and me. This will be your average fangirl blog and I can give you no compelling reason to follow it other than you should if you want. As for who I am? That’s a much lengthier story. I invite you to pop over to my about me page for the full details.

Stick around and we’ll see where this blogging journey takes us.


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