Farscape: Do we need a new movie?

aeryn-crichtonRockne S. O’Bannon has given an update on the status of a Farscape movie at WonderCon this weekend, as reported by Comic Book Resources. This gives further weight to a comment made by script writer Justin Monjo, who in February said he was working on a script.

But do we need another Farscape movie?

Spoilers for the Farscape series ahead.

As a fan, I always waver with questions like this. When it was announced we were getting another X Files movie I was hesitant for so many reasons, which turned out to be justified. The series ended on a cliffhanger and needed to be finished, but what was delivered wasn’t what we were expecting. And it feels like we may never get our ending to such a fabulous series.

In the case of Farscape, the series – for me – had a satisfying ending. The warring factions signed a peace treaty and the series closed with a happily ever after ending for John Crichton, his wife Aeryn Sun and their baby D’Argo. Maybe not so satisfying for actor Ben Browder who has said Farscape isn’t over for him until Crichton is dead.

So is there more story to tell? Always. For as long as the characters are alive. There is and always has been a huge yearning for more Farscape among fans, but do we need it? 

Personally, I am stuck on the fence. The plot that Monjo has laid out for the new movie does sound intriguing. Crichton and Aeryn’s child was discovered to have special powers which made him a target for villainous aliens so they hid him on earth. Now at 19, the movie follows D’Argo as he reunites with his parents on their spaceship.

The idea grows on me each day. Seeing more of Crichton and Aeryn and the Farscape universe would be fantastic. I guess where my hesitation lies is in the mistake other series have made in the past – hedging their bets on series becoming a franchise.

I would hate for the beautiful Farscape world to be reborn on our screens again with a movie I am sure to love and then for it to be the only one. Especially if it was to be the start of a new series. Cliffhangers annoy me. I understand that business is business and if it’s not profitable then fans are left in the cold.

Obviously the movie is in its early stages and this is all conjecture right now. I just hope that if this movie goes ahead, it has a satisfying ending, not something that will forever make us wonder, what happened next?

On another note, if you haven’t seen Farscape and are a fan of sci-fi, what are you waiting for? Go buy the series. You wont regret it.




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