Music Monday: Olly Murs

As a music geek, my goal with Music Monday is to showcase whatever I’m listening to at the moment or a flashback to something I love. Basically the goal is music! And hopefully someone else will discover something new to love.

Who: Olly Murs
What: Troublemaker from “Right Place Right Time”
Recommend: For all your sugary pop needs.

Until last year, I hadnt even heard of Olly Murs. I’m sure a million fangirls around the world are cursing me right now, but thats the way it is these days. I tend to avoid new artists that attract teenage girls. I was a teenage girl once and I remember the music that attracted me. Some of it wasnt great. Maybe times have changed. Or maybe not because there is something about Olly Murs’ music that reminds me of the 90s. Its that fun, easy listening brit-pop that you can just put on while you’re doing the housework or if you dont want anything to heavy to listen to. Murs himself seems like a charming, down to earth guy, which perhaps what reflects in his music. His third album “Right Place Right Time” has all the predictable pop numbers but its one that rotates regularly on my playlist.


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