Music Monday: Ricky Martin

Who: Ricky Martin
What: Vida
Recommend: Because its Ricky Martin, duh.

Confession: I have been a fan of Ricky Martin since the mid 90s when Maria first hit the charts in Australia. Of course he really came to attention with The Cup Of Life but it was from Maria that I became a certified Martin fangirl. Not to say that I daydreamed about him or had posters of him all over my walls … ok, nevermind, I did. I have eyes, I’m only human. There is something positively addictive about his style of music though, even if they contain shallow lyrics like “she bangs” they are still tracks with great beats that you can get up and dance to.

Vida is no different, a song for the 2014 FIFA world cup, it captures everything that we’ve come to know and love Ricky Martin for, so check it out.

I also currently have the luxury of watching him as one of the coaches on The Voice Australia. Everything is coming up Team Ricky.


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