90s Nostalgia: 1994

I started a new segment on my radio show, looking back at a particular year in music and events that took place also. It was fun looking through a year of music to select songs to play, but since I am such a music addict (and possibly a tragic 90s music lover) it was hard to pick just enough songs for an hour – usually about 10. But I thought it might also be a fun addition to my blog.

So, first up is 1994.

BuzzFeed and News.com.au have great articles HERE and HERE reminding us of all the inventions, movies and technology. So while I was begging my brother to play his SEGA, and practicing my fart noises with my GAK, 1994 was really only about one thing for me.

I’m sure you’re saying, “now wait a minute Kate, The X Files premiered in 1993!” Well, while I come from the magical land of Australia that has a timezone basically in the future to everyone else, we are actually far behind on our international TV shows and the 90s was brutal. The X Files premiered in February of 1994, six months after the US and there was no internet to go hunting for spoilers or episodes to stream. Once I did get the net, I spoiled myself silly while I waited for episodes to premiere here.

There was also another show I loved in 1994. The Secret World Of Alex Mack which I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. Its not really surprising that all of the shows I watched had some kind of supernatural element to them, is it?

While The X Files consumed my life, the 90s was where my music addiction really grew and one song I remember singing non-stop around the house was this one. A huge hit in 1994 in Australia, it ended the year #5 on the ARIA charts:

And this song is what made me fall in love with Tina Arena:

Looking back, the ARIA end of year charts for 1994 were filled full of ballads from Michael Bolton, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion, which is practically unheard of now. Perhaps reflective of a more relaxed time? Not to get philosophical or anything, but music seems to have sped up as life has grown more fast paced. Even the rock songs were slow!

Check out what else was charting in Australia in 1994 otherwise I’ll probably post most of the videos on this page.

Then check out this wonderful collaboration of all things 1994.

A few noteworthy things in 1994 in Australia:

  • Bushfires raged across the eastern side of Australia in 1994. Unfortunately its something we’re too familiar with here and while its not the largest scale fires we’ve had, I still remember them clearly.
  • Australia had its first political assassination since the 70s.
  • Iconic Australian TV series Blue Heelers began its 45 episode first season, after a single pilot episode in Sept. 93. Could you imagine TV shows running for 45 episodes a season these days? Blue Heelers had an average of 40 episodes for each of its 12 seasons until it fizzled out in 2006 and ended with a whimper on an 11 episode 13th season.

Wikipedia also has a few interesting things on its 1994 in Australia page.

Of course, this is relevant to my country and there are all sorts of important facts and figures from around the world. So tell me what you remember about 1994, your favourite toys, shows, songs etc, in the comments!


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