Bananaman Teaser Poster

It seems that Britain’s fruitiest superhero is getting his own movie in 2015. An announcement was made back in March via an official website, but a teaser movie poster has now been unveiled at London MCM Expo.


If you’ve never had the pleasure of watching Bananaman, you’re missing out. The cartoon tells the story of Eric Twinge (formerly Wimp) who transforms into a caped crusader every time he eats a banana.

The series started out as a comic strip in the 80s, followed by a cartoon in 1983. I’m not sure when it first aired in Australia, but I have awesome memories watching it on the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) in the early 90s after school.

Bananaman was a light send up of famous superheroes such as Batman and Superman. He fought familiar sounding villains such as Doctor Gloom BananaMan_Introduction_Shot and Clayface. Plus Bananaman’s arch enemy General Blight who was a send up of a real life dictator.

All of these enemies Bananaman fought with the aid of banana power and his trusty companion Crow.

You can find lots of episodes of YouTube and they certainly make a good fun time waster. Each cartoon is only about 5 mins in length.

There are little details about the upcoming Bananaman movie, but I for one will be keeping my eyes out for any tidbits. I’m more excited for this than Batman vs Superman.

Tell me BananaFans, are you excited for this new adventure? What do you think will be next? A DangerMouse movie? SuperTed?

One can only hope.


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