Doctor Who: Series 8 teaser trailer


Jump in your time machines because Doctor Who returns in August with all new episodes.

Series 8 is back on our screens on the 23rd with new Doctor Peter Capaldi and returning companion Jenna Coleman as Clara.

For Australians, ABC1 will be fast tracking the series just a few hours after the UK with the first episode set to air on the 24th.

And there is a new teaser trailer to get fans even more excited. Watch below:


Cute alert: The Pugs of Westeros

Whats better than Game of Thrones? Three little pugs dressed as your favourite characters from the show, thats what.

Meet Roxy, Blue and Bono, whose owners Phillip Lauer and his wife Sue, have been dressing their pugs up and photographing them as characters from TV and movies since they were puppies.

If the trip to Westeros has you wanting more. Check out these articles where you can see the cute trio dressed as characters from Lord of The Rings.


Music Monday: Monique Brumby

Who: Monique Brumby
What: Silent War
Recommend: A great Australian artist who I’ve been a fan of for a long time. This new song from her self titled album ‘reflects Monique’s views on supporting marriage equality and the acceptance of difference.’

There is also a Pledge Music campaign where you can pledge to support her tour and promotion of the single and get some great stuff in return.

Check it out:

And support Aussie music!

Sydney Supanova 2014

Supanova Popculture Expo is one of Australia’s leading conventions where fans get the opportunity to meet and greet their favourite celebrities from television, movies, books and comics. Buy all kinds of merchandise imaginable from vendors. Attend Q&A panels and just generally release their inner-geek in an environment especially for them.


The crowds on Saturday around 1pm.

Walking into the dome at Sydney Olympic Park surrounded by Batman, various incarnations of the Doctor and a whole bunch of anime characters I have no clue about but appreciate anyway, is really like going into a second home. Everyone is there for the same reason and you won’t be laughed at or teased because of your passion – chances are the person next to you is even more obsessed with something than you.


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Danger Mouse Reboot in the works

_70352977_dmpenfoldBritish Super Spy Danger Mouse is set to make a return to TV. The CBBC is bringing to life the 80s cartoon once again, in 52 all new adventures planned for 2015.

The series ran for over 10 successful years, before it came to an end in 1992. It was not only immensely popular in the UK, but internationally also, with the cartoon still holding a special place in viewers hearts.

Voiced by Sir David Jason and the late Terry Scott, the classic cartoon saw Danger Mouse and his trusty side-kick Penfold thwart many evil schemes in their escapades across the globe. Now an updated version of the pair will be back on our screens, with one of the major changes being DM’s eye-patch. It will be upgraded to an “i-patch” – a device which is set to have state of the art features.

The CBBC controller, Cheryl Taylor, said “Danger Mouse is the last word in debonair and delightfully eccentric heroics and with Penfold at his side the much-loved duo will win over a whole new generation of fans.”

There is no word yet on who will be voicing the characters in the new series.

While you eagerly await (or perhaps cringe in the corner) for the new series, lets take a little trip down memory lane.

And tell me below, do we need an updated version of Danger Mouse? With tricked-out headquarters and flashy gadgets?

Remembering Rik Mayall

I was saddened to learn overnight that British comedian Rik Mayall had died at age 56. My parents were fans of The Young Ones and Blackadder, but me, as a child of the 90s will always have the fondest memories of him from Drop Dead Fred. Every trip to the video store resulted in me renting that movie, my obsession with it  rivaled only by Grease. So when I read on twitter at 1:30am that he had passed away suddenly, it felt like a little piece of my childhood had gone too.

If you’ve never seen Drop Dead Fred, its fantastically hilarious 90s movie with all the gross-out humour and gags you could possibly want. I for one will be getting out my copy and giving it another rewatch.

RIP Rik.