Music Monday: Eli Lieb

Who: Eli Lieb
What: Young Love / Safe In My Hands / Zeppelin

If you haven’t heard of Eli Lieb, then do yourself a favour and remedy that right now. Eli’s amazing voice became known to me purely by chance when I saw him promoted by a youtuber who I watch a bit inconsistently.

When I heard Eli sing, I was instantly in awe. He’s a fantastic talent that more people need to know about. His youtube channel features covers from many artists, like Lana Del Rey and Adele – with his own arrangements – and some fantastic original songs. My personal favourites are Tightrope and Young Love – which is featured in this post.

The best news is that new album is on the way, produced by John Feldmann who just worked with Australia’s hottest new export 5 Seconds of Summer. However, before that, sometime this week in fact, is the official release of a new original (hopefully) Zeppelin ….which I already purchased a copy of on iTunes and have had on repeat rather endlessly. Its an awesome summery track and I encourage you all to go buy it right away along with Young Love and Safe In My hands.

As always, support independent music!

Find Eli Lieb around the web:
@elilieb / Youtube / Facebook / Website



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