Review: The Rule Of Knowledge by Scott Baker


Author: Scott Baker
Publisher: Hachette Australia
Length: 422 pages
Genre: Thriller / Adventure
Review: Kate @ All That Geek

At Sydney Supanova in June, I attended a writers panel where Scott Baker spoke about his debut novel The Rule of Knowledge. The promise of it being a cross between Indiana Jones and Back To The Future was instantly appealing to me and it wasn’t until I opened the pages that I was delighted to discover there were also elements of Spartacus/Gladiator and The Da Vinci Code. I was also fortunate enough to get the very last copy available that weekend and have it personally signed.

The Rule Of Knowledge is an epic adventure of Shaun Strickland, an every day guy turned hero by necessity.

Shaun is a happily married high school teacher who receives a last-minute invitation from Cambridge University to present a paper on the relationship between time and space, something he has been studying his whole life. As he and his wife are travelling through the night to make their flight, their car slams into something that appears suddenly from the bushes.

From that moment on, Shaun’s life is changed forever. On the run and being hunted by killers, a strange book holds the key to the mystery slowly unraveling before him.

Its hard to talk about this book without giving away too many spoilers. The Rule of Knowledge is a fast paced action adventure set across 2000 years and multiple continents, with enough time travel to make The Doctor quote his infamous “wibley wobbly” speech.

While it dives straight into the action within the first couple of chapters, at first I found it a little difficult to engage with the story. Perhaps it was the third person omniscient style that didn’t really make me feel connected to the characters. However, as I ventured on, I instantly found myself connecting with Saul’s story and enjoying each moment a piece of his tale was being recounted.

About half way through, both sides the story really kicked into gear for me and I raced to get to the finish, barely putting the book down for a break. The plot twists were interesting, but some of them were laid out a little too obviously and I found myself easily predicting what was coming. It didnt take away the excitement or enjoyment of the book though, just more of a “aha! thought so!” moment when each twist was revealed.

I could easily see The Rule Of Knowledge turned into a movie or an epic television series, with the themes of time travel expanded on more. I really enjoyed that aspect of the book and wished there had been reason to have more of it and what it was used for in the novel.

The book also features a certain interactive level. Where a symbol appears throughout the story, you can get online and access bonus chapters which were edited from the original novel. You can also check out the awesome trailers, which will get you even more excited about the book.

For more information where you can buy The Rule Of Knowledge, and to check out the rest of the book trailers, head over to the website:

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