Review: Arrow Season 2.5 Issue #1 (Blood Part 1: Return) (DC Comics)


Publisher: DC Comics
Written by: Marc Guggenheim
Artwork by: Joe Bennett
Review: Kate @ All That Geek.

Promising to bridge the gap between seasons 2 and 3, Arrow Season 2.5 #1 delivers an action packed first digital release. It feels like a short first issue, mainly consisting of Oliver and Roy taking down a gang of drug runners on their plane – while it’s in the air.

It opens with the usual Oliver Queen voice-over that every episode famously starts with, and flashes back to six years ago where we see a young man named Caleb witnessing his parents die in a murder-suicide.

Flash forward to present day and the rest of the comic features some wonderful action sequences with Arrow and Roy (currently being called Speedy) taking down the drug plane. There is an introduction of a very clever new arrow named “the boxing arrow” and of course interaction from Felicity and Diggle, assisting from Arrow headquarters.

The issue ends on a rather maddening cliffhanger that has me already anticipating #2.

Overall I really enjoyed the first installment of Arrow season 2.5. It feels exactly like the opening of an episode of the TV show, which was its intention by having Marc Guggenheim at the helm. It clearly benefits from having a writer from the show voicing the characters on the page.

The full-page action scenes really come to life with the artwork and amazing colours. My only complaint is that Joe Bennet has drawn our four main cast all very square-jawed. What little we see of Roy’s face looks almost the same as Oliver and the only truly recognisable character is Felicity, perhaps only because of her blonde hair and glasses. This is only a small gripe because the artwork really is fantastic otherwise.

Definitely for fans of the series, as Guggenheim has promised the comic, with its “limitless budget” will include all the action, adventure and sets they cannot afford on the show. I would also suggest it to new fans who may have limited or no knowledge of the series as a way to get started before season 3. But personally, I think you should also go out and get seasons 1 & 2 for a proper catch up, as the show is fantastic.


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