Review: The Flash Season Zero #1 (DC Comics)


The Flash Season Zero #1: Freak Show Part 1 “The Strongman Cometh”

Publisher: DC Comics
Story by: Andrew Kreisberg
Script by: Brooke Eikmeier & Katherine Walczak
Pencils by: Phil Hester
Inks by: Eric Gapstur
Colours by: Kelsey Shannon
Review: Kate @ All That Geek.

I have to admit, my knowledge of The Flash is limited to two things. 1) He runs fast. 2) Sheldon Cooper likes to dress up as him in The Big Bang Theory. But I like superhero stories, so I’m excited by another hitting our screens with a new comic to coincide.

While issue one is said to be set between the pilot episode and episode two, it spends about half of the pages setting up Barry’s story, just so we know how he became who he is and what he spends his time doing now – apparently rescuing a surprising number of dogs (the dog lover in me ‘aww-ed’ over that, I admit). All while maintaining his regular life as a CSI for Central City Police Department – and still as ungraceful as ever.

I like his narration in the comic, it feels in character to what we’ve seen of Barry Allen from all the awesome CW trailers for the series and gives those who havent been watching them a good, quick insight to the show and characters.

When a call comes in about a robbery at the National Bank, Barry spings to action. It’s there that we meet one of our villains for the comic – a strongman wielding a huge barbell. After an altercation, where Barry and his superhuman abilities actually come off second best, we see the Strongman return to a circus where he gives a shadowy figure the item he took from the bank and tells him all about Central City’s new hero.

Its a good start to The Flash comic series, even though a lot of the issue tells the reader Barry’s story, the pacing was good and it didn’t drag at any point for me. Much like the Arrow comics, The Flash benefits from having one of the shows writers (Andrew Kreisberg) on the creative team. The comic series promises those budget breaking stories and effects that we wont be able to see on the show, so I am looking forward to what the writers may come up with for this evil circus and seeing them come to life on the pages.

The artwork is bright and colourful, with lots of full page action sequences – including the full page dog rescue (aww!). The characters were drawn perhaps very cartoon-ish which didn’t bother me as I am not familiar with the on-screen counterparts, but what I do know of them, they were recognisable. Except Barry, who was maybe a little more bulky than he looks on the TV series.

Overall, a great set up to The Flash series, a good read for someone like myself who isn’t familiar with any previous Flash stories and wants to get into the TV series.


Have you read The Flash Season Zero #1? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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