TV Nostalgia: The X-Files and Me.

mulder&scully-piccheckMy first memory of watching the X Files is sitting squeezed between my older brother and dad on a two-seater lounge, eyes glued to the TV as watched two FBI agents chasing what may or may not have been aliens. At eight (nearly nine) years old, I had no real understanding of the more adult themes in the show, but I thought that Mulder and Scully were pretty awesome.

I was the only one in my family who continued watching the show religiously. My dad and brother were still fans, but I was the one who continued the faithful journey for nine long years, hoping that Mulder would finally find his sister or that he and Scully would, at long last, kiss.

Yes, I was a huge shipper, and apparently a romantic in my teen years. The fact that Mulder and Scully are or aren’t a couple isn’t a driving force behind my enjoyment of the show anymore. I still like that aspect, but I’d rather see Scully kicking butt – or watch Mulder getting HIS butt kicked.

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