X-Files Rewatch 2015: 1×79 Pilot.


Written by: Chris Carter
Directed by:
Robert Mandel
Original Broadcast:
September 10th 1993
Australian Broadcast: February 10th 1994

Special Agent Dana Scully is partnered with Special Agent Fox Mulder to validate his work on a special project called The X-Files. While he is a believer in the paranormal, fuelled by a lost memory where his sister was abducted by aliens; she is a scientist and prefers to look for rational, logical explanations. Their first case takes them to Oregon, to investigate the unsolved deaths of several high school classmates, which Mulder believes are linked to an alien abduction


There is a certain joy to watching the Pilot as someone who has seen the X-Files before. The episode gives us the very first taste of those things we know and love from series and its a sweet reminder this is where it all started. Tropes like Scully always missing all the action. On the flip side, Mulder seeing it all, but gathers no tangible evidence. And of course, those late night phone calls we’d be so lost without. We’re introduced to the alien mythology and the shadowy figure of the CSM who says nothing during the episode but we know by his hovering, he’s important.

For a show that premiered in 1993, the Pilot actually stands the test of time really well….

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