I’m Kate and I’m a geek.

The walls in my house are covered in various popculture art and the knickknacks collecting dust on my shelves are figures from various TV shows.

I was born in the 80s. Though I only have a vague recollection of some of it. While I do love a good 80s power ballad, I consider myself a 90s kid through and through. I’m from a mysterious time when we didn’t have Smartphone’s, internet or even dvds. In fact, I didn’t even have a VCR until the late 90s! But I digress…

My number one claim to geekiness is The X Files, a show that has been with me since I was eight. You’ll also find me rewatching many other great TV shows that have found their way into my heart such as Buffy, Farscape and Doctor Who.

My geekiness just doesnt stop at TV shows, I love old cartoons like Danger Mouse and Batman and I’m slowly venturing back into the world of comics. My love affair with music is older than time – well almost. I was raised on 50s and 60s pop and rock and found my own way into a love of semi-tragic 90s music. My love for music and popculture has now been combined into a weekly radio show on a local station and is something I am extremely excited about.

My goal for All That Geek is to write about the things that I like, from music, movies, old TV shows or even musical theatre when I get the chance to go. Hopefully you’ll find something to enjoy and maybe even discover something new.

If you are a creator of a comic, graphic novel, book, web series, audio drama or maybe an independent musician and would like a review/plug. Feel free to contact me.


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